• Expansion unit for OP1000
  • State-of-the-art optical turnstile
  • Touchless Entrance Control Solution compatible with ProFace X [TD] and SpeedFace V5L [TD]
  • Active infrared beams to create an invisible electronic field
  • Alarm trigger when unauthorized entry attempts

OP1200: Expansion unit for OP1000 Optical Turnstile for Touchless Entrance Control Systems

OP1200 works as an expansion unit for OP1000. By adding a pair of infrared sensors on both sides, we can place an OP1200 in the middle of a set of OP1000 to form multi-lane to meet the varying requirements of the different customers.

OP1000 maintains a high-security level as a half-height turnstile. It replaces the traditional physical barriers by utilizing active infrared beams to create an invisible electronic field between two pedestals and this entrance control solution is compatible with ProFace X [TD] and SpeedFace V5L [TD]. If there are any unauthorized entry attempts, an audible alarm will be triggered to alert security staff.

  • Barrier free
  • SUS304 stainless steel housing
  • Alarm response
  • Lower power consumption
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Easy and simple installation
Power requirements AC 100 ~ 120V/200 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Working temperature-28°C~ 60°C
Working humidity 5%~80%
Working environment Indoor/outdoor (if sheltered)
Speed of throughput Maximum 30 persons/minute
Lane width (mm)600mm (suggested)
Footprint (mm*mm) 500*180mm
Dimensions (mm) L=500, W=180, H=1000
Dimension with packing (mm)L=600, W=220, H=1100
Net weight (kg) 20kg
Weight with packing (kg)25kg
LED indicatorY
Cabinet material SUS304 stainless steel
Lid material SUS304 stainless steel
Security level Medium
Mean cycles between failure  2 million

Data Sheet

Download Date Files
OP1200 Data Sheet 13/05/2020
op1200.pdf368.09 KB

Installation Guide

Download Date Files
OP1000 & OP1200 Installation guide 04/05/2020

User Manual

Download Date Files
OP1000 & OP1200 User Manual 04/05/2020
op1000-series-user-manual20181127.pdf648.31 KB