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As we know that no two projects are the same we have ensured to offer the industry myriad of options so that you can provide your client with the ideal solution. Browse through and the find the ones that suit you and your business.

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OP200 Opera Reader

OP200 is a next-generation fingerprint reader designed specifically for both Lenel and AMAG customers.

OP200 is the industry’s first and only biometric reader which integrates directly with either OnGuard or Symmetry software databases without needing any middleware.

No middleware means no costly license to purchase nor time-consuming downloads & configurations.

OP200 delivers pure direct hardware integration. OP200 automatically synchronizes with OnGuard or Symmetry and all the OP200 biometric readers on the network.

Simply put, OP200 is the fastest, easiest, least costly way for Lenel and AMAG customers to add biometric readers to their buildings’ access points.

OnGuard and Symmetry Integration:
OP200 firmware communicates directly with OnGuard or Symmetry and automatically synchronizes needed customer user data. Eliminates need for middleware.
Eliminates need to manually create users in the biometric readers.

Biometric Performance:
Advanced SilkID fingerprint recognition technology delivers optimal accuracy, matching speed and powerful fake finger detection.

Auto Data Synchronization:
Multiple OP200s automatically synchronize fingerprint templates. Eliminates need for middleware.
Eliminates need to separately manage templates

Wiegand-Out to Lenel and Amag access control panel
TCP/IP and RS485 data communication
USB for offline data management

Authentication Options: (single or multi-factor)
RFID (HID, Mifare, Desfire)

3,000 Fingerprint templates
30,000 cards
100,000 transactions