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Vehicle Access (NEW)Boom Barriers

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PB3000 Parking barrier

Automatic Barrier Gate for Vehicle Access

ZK Parking Barrier is a product which ZKTeco owns the independent intellectual property rights. Its boom prevents unauthorized vehicles entering restricted area, and can be raised by the remote control, access control system, and long-distance reader. If a loop detector is installed, impact can be avoided. The boom will be
automatically lowered after the vehicle passes through the gate; otherwise, the boom can be lowered manually by using a remote controller or press button.

The parking barrier can be equipped with photo cell. When people / vehicle obscure the infrared launched from photo cell, boom will be stopped and then raised during lowering. After people / vehicle leave, the boom will be automatically lowered. With the Boom illuminator system, light turns green when boom is raised and turns red when boom is lowered. It help driver to determine the position of boom and avoid hitting the boom.

  • Compact design, convenient for packing and lowering delivery cost
  • ZK designed rolling pressure spring technology, extending product life
  • Boom can be raised and lowered smoothly and steadily
  • Convenient for maintenance and customization
  • Simple installation – just fix the barrier gate on floor and connect it to electricity