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Manage your access control with IP Cameras

Published at 5/22/14

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Dear Partner,

In its quest to become world leader in the security industry, ZKTeco has expanded into manufacturing cameras - specifically aimed at integrating access control systems with this new line of products, such as IP Cameras and NVRs.

In other words, the access control products you already distribute, can now enjoy the added security feature of IP Camera and Video Surveillance technology.

How is this done? Simple! We have integrated ZKAccess 3.5.2 access control software into our ZKiVision multilingual camera software; offering you the complete package to promote to all of your clients.


To get a better idea of our IP Camera technology, please click on the following link to view our introductory VIDEO.

Access control aside, ZKTeco offers you the Galaxy Series, the most competitively priced IP camera range on the market today, which you can sell online, in bulk, or direct to retail, together with ZKTeco’s ZKivision software, free of charge! Ask your sales consultant today about prices and conditions.

Finally, Coming in June!

The new BioCam300is one of the most revolutionary cameras on the market today, as it includes an integrated facial recognition module and a color display especially designed for T&A and access control. Ideal for building access control, the terminal displays detailed information of each log, after which it is saved in internal memory. No further installation is required as the BioCam300 manages video surveillance, time and attendance and access control simultaneously, all in one single terminal.

Should you wish to know more about this new product range, please feel free to contact our Sales Team!

Your ZKTeco Europe Team