New features ZK-D3180S Walk Through Metal Detector 

New features ZK-D3180S Walk Through Metal Detector

As technology evolves, Security Inspection systems must continually be redefined and updated to offer dependable and flexible intelligence security solutions. That's why the new  ZK-D3180S walk through metal detector now has upgraded features:


The new version of ZK-D3180S is available starting this month. The previous version of ZK-D3180S will continue to be provided until November. After November 2019 it will be officially discontinued.

ZK-D3180S Walk Through Metal Detector 

At ZKTeco we build comprehensive security systems to protect your entrance security, including people Inspection, Freight Inspection and Vehicle Inspection. The ZK-D3180S is a Walk-Through metal detector with 18 detection zones and 256 sensitivity levels. Here are some of the overall improvements we have carried out:

  • Performance and detection improvements.
  • Upgraded design: the structure is changed from the original chassis type to the beam type.
  • Improved version compatibility: the mainboard, the acquisition board, the display, the infrared beam, etc.

In the following video you can see how our complete checkpoint security solutions are integrated and function when staff or visitors enter important areas:

As always, email us with any questions at or if you want an overview of how our security inspection products can help transform your entrance control management system. We will get back to you!

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