• Fingerprint contactless card
  • Add biometrics to your existing RFID systems
  • Enhance the security level
  • Your finger always with you
BioOncard is the fingerprint-activated contactless card. Only after activation by fingerprint will the smart card communicate with the contactless reader. It’s designed to be used in physical and logical access control. Likewise, BioOnCard can also serve as fingerprint-activated payment card. Only after activation by fingerprint will the smart card (fingerprint card allow payments on the contactless EMV POS terminal.
Match-on-card technology enables users to not only carry their biometric with them but also match it on the card. This means greater privacy for the cardholder and the ability to authenticate without connection to a backend database.
  • Highly enhance the security level for physical and logical access control.
  • All software and data in the card are encrypted using proprietary algorithm and specific chip.
  • One-press for quickly turn-on and verification to better user experience by smooth usage.
  • Dual-RFID design for multi-system use and also can be used for silent alert. 
  • Large battery capacity to ensure longer using time.
Max User5
Max Fingerprint50
Template Number150
Wear-and-tear>2.5 million finger placements
FAR<0.01% (Security Level medium)
FRR<1% (Security Level medium)
RFID Combination1. 13.56MHz + 125KHz
2. 125KHz + 125KHz, or 13.56MHz + 13.56MHz
Battery Capacity90mAh
Usage>1000 times per full charge
Charger5V, 100mA
Charging Duration90 minutes
Card reading Distance0-3cm
Card Size85.5*54*2 mm

Quick Start Guide

Download Date Files
BioOnCard Quick Guide 10/12/2018
biooncard_quick-guide.pdf905 KB

Data Sheet

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BioOnCard Product data sheet 10/12/2018
biooncard_eu.pdf242.27 KB