• Access Control Function
  • Long Reading Distance
  • IP66 Protect Level
  • Supports ZKAccess3.5 & ZKBioSecurity3.0 software
U1000 and U2000 are long distance RFID access control machines which integrate functions of UHF readers and controllers. Compared with UHF readers, they increase access control functions and support TCP/IP communication, Wiegand in/out, two relays, 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, which enable easy installation and convenient use.
The machines also support ZKAccess 3.5 and ZKBioSecurity 3.0 software. They have obtained IP66 protection level certification and is suitable for outdoor use. With outstanding long distance identification capability, the machines can be used in many applications including long distance fixed vehicle access management, long distance access control management and long distance pedestrian access management.
  • Long Reading Distance
  • IP66 Protect Level 
  • Supports ZKAccess3.5& ZKBioSecurity3.0 software
  • Access Control Function
Model U1000E, U1000F U2000E, U2000F 
Card Capacity 5000 cards 
Transactions 30,000 
Hardware Platform ZMM220 
Working Frequency F Series: 902Mhz-926MHz; E Series: 865MHz-868MHz 
Reading Distance 0 - 6m (Stable is 0 - 5m) 0 -12m (Stable is 0 -10m) 
Communication TCP/IP (connect access software) , USB (connect demo) 
Access Control Interface 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm, Wiegand In/Out 
Access Control Functions Standard access functions, anti-passback 
Antenna Gain 8dBi 12dBi 
Output Power 18dBm-26dBm 
Support Software ZKAccess3.5, ZKBioSecurity3.0 
Power Supply DC12V, 3A 
Working Temperature -20℃-+60℃ 
Working Humidity <95% (25℃ ) 
Dimension 250mm*250mm*70mm (±5) 445mm*445mm*70mm (±5) 

Data Sheet

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UHF1 Tag4 Data Sheet 10/10/2018
uhf1-tag4.pdf125.84 KB
UHF1 Tag3 Data Sheet 10/10/2018
uhf1-tag3.pdf89.17 KB
UHF1 Tag2 Data Sheet 10/10/2018
uhf1-tag2.pdf147.12 KB
UHF1-Tag1 Data Sheet 10/10/2018
uhf1-tag1.pdf108.69 KB
U1000&U2000 Data Sheet 10/10/2018
uhf-rfid-standalone-terminal.pdf493.63 KB

User Manual

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UHF-RFID Standalone Terminal User Manual 10/10/2018

Installation Guide

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UHF-RFID Standalone Terminal Installation GuideV1.0 10/10/2018