Series 44/45

  • Symmetrical 
  • Reversible 
  • Radial latch ( Series 44 )
The 45 Series is noted for being symmetrical and reversible.
The 44 Series, besides being symmetrical and reversible like the Series 45, and with the exact same dimensions, is distinctive in that the latch rotates radially.
Serie 45Serie 44
Height75,5 mm
Width21 mm
Depth28 mm
Adjustable Jaw Range4 mm+1-1 mm
Suits Latches With Maximum Throw Of5,7 mm5,1 mm
Endurance Cycles Test In-plant300.000
Holding Force3.250 N / 330 kg-f3.450 N / 350 kg-f
Operating Temperature Range-15 °C to +40 °C
Diode Or VaristorOptional


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Strike Locks Product Catalogue ZKTeco 15/02/2019
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Data Sheet

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Series 44/45 Data Sheet 04/10/2018
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