• Advanced workstation PC
  • Automatic digital line scan camera
  • IP 68
  • Real-time surveillance

ZK-VSCN200 is a permanent under vehicle inspection system, is used to detect vehicle undercarriage. When the vehicle passes, system can quickly recognize the vehicle license plate and generate a high definition image of vehicle undercarriage, which will be recorded in the computer. With foreign object detection function, system can quickly and accurately identify suspect objects attached to the underside of vehicles.

ZK-VSCN200 is a powerful tool to provide profession inspection in incoming and outgoing traffic with a few seconds. Controls are thoroughly carried out and information of the inspection is stored in a structured database. This data is searchable according to time or 
license plate number. This under vehicle inspection system greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of security check in order to achieve a higher level of safety.

  • IP 68, all-weather performance
  • Automatic digital line scan camera, with high-resolution color image
  • Image of total vehicle undercarriage
  • 50-ton axle capacity
  • Advanced workstation PC
  • Automatic Image Comparison
  • Foreign Object Detection 
  • Real-time surveillance
CameraInteligent color progressive line rapid scan CCD imaging
Vertical resolution of the Image10000*5340 pixels
Speed of vehicle1-6km/h(Recommended speed:≤30km/h)
Effective Field of View(FOV)less than 170°
Auxiliary light150W
Weight capacity≤50T
Water-proof gradeIP68
Scanning device weight180KG
Scanning device volume1200mm*350mm*210mm
Communication InterfaceRJ45/RS485
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 60℃
Operating voltageAC110-240V, 50-60HZ
Scanning mode linear scan, triggered by loop detector

User Manual

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ZK-VSCN200 User Manual 05/10/2018
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Data Sheet

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ZK-VSCN200 Data Sheet 05/10/2018
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