ZKTime Enterprise

  • Calendars, timetables and work shifts management
  • Formulas, Payroll and Accrued balance
  • Custom attendance reports
  • Multilanguage

ZKTime Enterprise is the most advanced Time & Attendance and Access Control Software developed by ZKTeco Europe.

ZKTime Enterprise is an advanced T&A application for ZKTeco terminals that allows to manage all In/Out attendance and access records, controlling all kind of attendance events (breakfast, lunch, medical, personal business, smoke etc..), accrued balance and payroll methods. Match and process punches automatically after downloading from terminals, warning about odd number punches or days in a special case, facilitating and speeding up the work of attendance management.

Therefore, it includes an access control module, where you will be able to define different access time slots and days for each employee.
It can operate together with ZKTeco’s web staff portal Atalaya 2.

Supported OSWindows 7 SP1 or higher
Processor1 GHz
Hard disk4.5 GB free space
Monitor Resolution1600 x 900 px
OthersMicrosoft Framework. NET 4.7.2 or higher
DatabaseMySQL 5.7 or higher
MS SQL 2012 or higher
Oracle 11-18


Download Date Files
ZKTime Enterprise Software 26/04/2022
Prerequisites for ZKTime Enterprise, Small Business, Atalaya and Extractor Service 31/03/2021

Quick Start Guide

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ZKTime Enterprise Change Log 23/04/2021
ZKTime Enterprise & Small Business selection guide 18/06/2019
Time Attendance Selection Guide 18/06/2019

User Manual

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ZKTime Enterprise and Small Business User Manual 29/07/2019

Data Sheet

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ZKTime Enterprise + Atalaya Data Sheet 02/10/2018
zktimeenterprise_brochure.pdf1.43 MB