ZKTeco Europe joins Iguatec Roadshow in Poland

We will be travelling to Poland on June 11th to join our partner Iguatec on their Roadshow and contribute to grow their business with ZKTeco's premium line of Green Label products, CCTV & Video Surveillance solutions, and our latest Time Attendance & Access Control devices. 

This Roadshow is a great chance to meet and network with other partners in the local area and gain insights into ZKTeco's wider engagement in the local Polish market.

The event will take place in Hotel Agat, ul. Strykowska 94, 91-604 Łódź and will run from 8:30am to 4:30pm. With an expanding biometrics solutions market, now is the time to join us and understand why you need to invest in the latest Security technology and ZKTeco CCTV Solutions.


AGAT, Hotel Łódź

Address: AGAT, Hotel Łódź ul. Strykowska 94, 91-604 Łódź

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AGAT, Hotel Łódź
Strykowska 94, 91-604 Łódź
91-604 Łódź
51° 49' 15.9888" N, 19° 30' 33.6528" E