Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Partnering for Integrated Protection 

The Strength of Tech Integrations 

ZKTeco prioritizes partnerships with leading technology providers to create a more comprehensive and efficient defense. By seamlessly integrating best-in-class solutions, we empower you with a stronger security posture that safeguards your connected future.

Partner with ZKTeco​​​​​​​

Drive Innovation & Growth

For Digital Consultants

Empower your clients: Supercharge your consulting services with ZKTeco's innovative security and access control solutions. Whether you're advising on intranets, digital transformation, or the digital workplace, ZKTeco helps deliver a seamless and secure technology experience.

For Software Developers

Extend Your Solutions' Reach: Integrate ZKTeco seamlessly into your existing products or projects to offer enhanced functionality and value to your customers. ZKTeco's flexible technology makes integration smooth and efficient.

For Hardware Manufacturers

Simplify Integration, Delight Customers: Build best-in-class hardware that seamlessly integrates with ZKTeco's industry-leading security solutions. Offer your customers a unified and user-friendly experience, reducing complexity and saving costs. ZKTeco plays perfectly with today's leading enterprise systems, saving you time and resources.

Our Technology Partners



Payter is expert, pioneer and leader in the field of contactless NFC and Cashless technology. With the largest pilot in Europe in the field of contactless and mobile payments and mobile marketing, Payter obtained instant fame and recognition in 2007. Since then, Payter has been structurally deployed by companies around the globe, to bring together innovative  technologies to create sustainable, safe, efficient and future-proof solutions.

Alarm systems


Since 1974, AVS ELECTRONICS is a leader in the electronic security market. We design ideas, we develop and produce electronic security systems, milestones for quality and design in the Italian market and worldwide. Thanks to a strong teamwork, we offer a complete range of products, technologically advanced, unique, reliable and guaranteed over time, to create well-being and security in everyday life.

Retail, WFM & Task Management


At Zebra, committed to empowering teams with the mobility and insight to deliver at the cutting edge of excellence. More than just providing intelligent hardware, we offer solutions that give organizations complete visibility to make smart, nimble decisions about what action to take now, and how to plan for tomorrow.

Shopping & Stadiums


We build autonomous store software for retailers to triple profits. Shoppers love the experience twice as much as a standard convenience store Retailers (and other industries) are struggling to attract workers back into the store. Without staff stores are unable to offer good customer service. Autonomo allows stores to give excellent customer service with less staff. Autonomo computer vision frees staff, moving them from behind checkout into the store to create a human experience of firing the 6 senses with recipes, origins of products, and friendly chat. 

Shopping & Stadiums


Our company was built with a vision of creating valuable AI solutions to deliver better shopping experiences. Today, AiFi is the largest provider of autonomous shopping solutions with the highest number of deployed AI-powered stores globally and more are added every day.

Spaces management


Sharry is a B2B workplace experience platform for offices and class-A office buildings anywhere in the world. Our solution bridges multiple touch points in unique integrations to redefine the workplace experience, including mobile access with Apple Wallet support, a white-label workplace app, and visitor management.

Spaces management


A world where our time and space are valued. Together, connected, we will surely be stronger and reach the standard of excellence in the management of the workspace.

CLEBEX mission statement is to bring the best user experience to its customers while managing their workspace. It sounds like too much but with us, it becomes quite simple.

Proximity Readers

RFID  Manufacturers

Discover the enhanced features and capabilities our Access Control devices offer through seamless integration with leading RFID manufacturers. Explore the array of solutions tailored to elevate your security standards.


Neural Labs

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the development of specialized software based on reading license plates and video analytics. Established in the city of Barcelona- Spain, Neural Labs is recognized in the national and international market as an efficient company and a reliable partner, thanks to the high rate of license plate reading and innovation in traffic control, security and mobility solutions for cities and municipalities.



We are a technology systems company with more than 15 years of developing control software and hardware to offer comprehensive solutions, with a wide and varied team at your disposal to bring your project to fruition. Mobile applications in our centralized systems, together with our creativity and experience allow us to offer flexible and innovative solutions adaptable to all markets.



Empower carriers and drivers in the trucking industry in Europe by guaranteeing booked access to reliable road services.
Through our real-time connection to the best parking areas and service providers, carriers and drivers can efficiently plan their journeys and secure services.
Our solution enables safe hauling and optimal driving times, ensuring cargo and driver safety, altogether contributing to immediate decarbonization results.



With 30 years of pioneering innovation and worldwide experience, we offer our renowned clients vast expertise, technical support, constant innovation and fully-tailored smart storage solutions. Metra’s solutions enhance the functionality and usability of storage furniture for a wide range of B2B clients, from corporate, industry, health, educational, leisure, sports and other sectors.

Key management


At CCKEYS we understand the frustration and cost implications involved in improper key management. Having over 30 years of experience as a specialist in the development, manufacture, and supply of quality key management systems, we work with our customers to provide them with the best solution for their needs.



OPTEX is the leading manufacturer of detection systems and a global solutions provider across our fields of expertise. We have two headquarters in Europe, each dedicated to a specific business domain -Security and Entrance-, aiming to be the number one in their respective specialist markets based on a strong customer-oriented strategy.

High-Security Management Software


Gamanet a.s. – A technology company focused on the development of open security management software since 2005. After 15 years of successful growth, we are currently a leader in the market of security management systems. The only measure of our success is your satisfaction.

Security Solutions

Vanderbilt by acre security

Vanderbilt is a global leader in the design and delivery of innovative security solutions. A variety of organizations benefit from Vanderbilt’s various access control technology offerings, from small-to-medium businesses to enterprise-class customers. Vanderbilt is an acre security group company.



LOGIIXO is a value-added distributor of access control and electronic security systems.

Its aim is to help companies automate their security processes in order to facilitate their operational part.

Integrated IT Solutions


SCAN Information Systems is an established market leader in Greece that offers a multitude of tested and field-proven solutions to its clientele, in its 4 core business activities: Security, Time Management, Access Control and Parking. Today, SCAN can undertake any project, regardless of size and complexity, and provide a complete, cost- effective and innovative solution, with lifelong support and upgrading, providing true added value to its business clients and their investment.

Security and Emergency


Target Tecnología specialises in the marketing, supply, installation and technical assistance of security equipment. Our specialities are the detection and identification of explosives and narcotics, hazardous substance analysers, cybersecurity, and cutting-edge technology for military and civilian applications.

Engineering services


DESICO © is an engineering services company specialising in the implementation of automation and control projects for the security market. Its activity is focused on the development, implementation and commissioning of integration systems, for which it has its own technology and products.