Company Policies

Company Policies

At ZKTeco Europe, we are committed to the highest standard of business integrity and sustainability, and we expect from our partners, suppliers, and employees to adhere to our standards, in accordance with our vision and values, always in compliance with the current applicable laws and regulations.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

This policy highlights the importance of our group anti-bribery and corruption policy. In our day-to-day operations we expect every employee of ZKTeco Company to follow this Policy and related Instructions as our way of conducting the business. 

Anti-Slavery Policy

ZKTeco has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and is committed to preventing acts of slavery and human trafficking from occurring within both its business and supply chain, and imposes those high standards on its contractors, suppliers, and other business partners.

Ethical Policy​​​​​​​

ZKTeco Europe is committed to maintaining the highest standards of legal, ethical and moral conduct, governance and accountability, and a workplace free from misconduct and other irregularities.

To facilitate this, we encourage all our staff, partners and employees to report any conduct they consider to be illegal or contrary to the ZKTeco Code of Conduct through the means set out in the Internal Whistleblowing Channel Policy.

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