Experience Center

ZKTeco Europe is proud to open the doors of this innovative space at our headquarters in Madrid where our partners and clients from all around Europe can try and learn how our solutions work in person. You will be able to first-hand experience the benefits and advantages of our technology by the hand of our local expert team.

Product Demos

Thanks to our demo areas, you will be able to experience and recreate real environments of our solutions in order to learn how to carry out the start-up, configuration and maintenance of each and every one of our systems. 

From easy Access Control and T&A devices to the most sophisticated metal and X-Ray detection systems.


This space is also designated to professional training courses to help our users understand all the possibilities of ZKTeco Europe solutions, so that they know how to implement these to obtain the most out of our technology. 

History of ZKTeco

With years’ experience of the foundation of the industrialization of biometric verifications, ZKTeco was officially established in 2007 and now has been a globally-leading enterprise in biometric verification technology.

Take a look at all the milestones in the history of ZKTeco on our wall of the History of Biometrics.

Green Label

In Green Label area you will be able to configure and test the independent modules of ZKBioSecurity, such as elevator control, visitor management or vehicle control.

ZKBioSecurity is the "all in one" platform of ZKTeco that includes all types of solutions for security, time management and vertical applications. Each of its independent modules provides a specific solution for each need by centralizing its management in a single software.


ZKTeco’s Experience Center also has a relaxing terrace and networking areas ready to hosts events,  where our guests will be able to enjoy and meet like-minded professionals in the sector, peers passionate about technology and innovation.

Do you Want to Live the Experience?