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ZKTeco Europe, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZKTeco Co. Ltd. based in Dongguan, China, a leading global developer and manufacturer specialized in advanced biometric verification technologies and security solutions, bringing to the market a wide range of solutions, focusing on Smart Identity Authentication Applications, Smart Entrance Control Solutions, including pedestrian and vehicular, Smart Office, and Smart Access solutions to automate all your attendance processes and to strengthen building security and surveillance oriented to provide complete services to end-users and any size enterprise.

ZKTeco has a dedicated team of experts and professionals to serve our customers and partners worldwide. Around 3,600 employees globally and over 1,000 of them are R&D engineers. ZKTeco has been awarded many patents including fingerprints, iris, face, vein and palm print recognition algorithms also combines in hybrid biometric sensors, as well as patents for computer vision technology including behavioural facial recognition identification, earning a reputation for technical innovation, quality, performance, reliability and speed-to-market. Not only that but ZKTeco has been earning global recognitions and has been selected by a&s Magazine as one of the “Top 50 Global Security Companies 2020”, ranked Top 14 Globally. These are just a few reasons why OEM’s, software developers, integrators, dealers and end customers turn to ZKTeco.

The enterprise owns 29 branches and 14 subsidiaries in China, and 38 international branch organizations including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas, like in USA, Spain, Brazil, Dubai, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, and India. Our global offices further enhance our ability to provide local product/logistic support and service our customers/partners more effectively and efficiently.

ZKTeco Europe, based in Madrid, Spain, is charged with marketing, selling, servicing, and maintaining products and warranties on the entire ZKTeco product range sold in Europe.

At ZKTeco we focus on Biometrics to change the world with technology and make a safer and wiser living for social development.


ZKTeco Europe has over 200 partners and dealers throughout Europe, ensuring that you can find the necessary technical and logistical support near you. Should you be interested in becoming a ZK Dealer, feel free to contact us!.


In 1985, ZKTeco began research and development on a revolutionary biometric algorithm; this led to the release of our industry-leading fingerprint and face recognition algorithm. For nearly three decades since, we've worked to share this highly developed biometric technology to benefit others.

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With over 20 years of history, and with a solid endeavour in becoming world leaders in the science of biometrics, your solution is only a touch of a finger away