About Us

ZKTeco is a multinational enterprise, that specializes in the manufacture and development of a large variety of solutions, including access control, time attendance, turnstiles and barriers, CCTV, metal detectors, X-Ray inspection, integrated security solutions and embedded biometric and RFID modules. With over 20 years presence in the global market, it benefits from a highly qualified team of over 3500 employees worldwide with its own manufacturing plants that, together with its R&D and engineering departments, ensures complete inhouse production of all aspects of its hardware, firmware and software.

As one of the pioneers in multibiometric and RFID technology, ZKTeco’s products are present around the world, with over 180 million users worldwide, and we continue to grow…

At the start of 2010, ZKTeco, the European Headquarters of ZKTeco was opened in Madrid, to provide European partners and distributors with the best possible services and solutions close at hand.

With its own, R&D, technical, financial, sales and warehousing facilities, ZKTeco Europe offers its clients complete support throughout the continent, to broaden horizons, open new markets, and manifest ZKTeco as a leading brand of T&A and Access Control technology in Europe.


ZKTeco Europe has over 200 partners and dealers throughout Europe, ensuring that you can find the necessary technical and logistical support near you. Should you be interested in becoming a ZK Dealer, feel free to contact us!.


In 1985, ZKTeco began research and development on a revolutionary biometric algorithm; this led to the release of our industry-leading fingerprint and face recognition algorithm. For nearly three decades since, we've worked to share this highly developed biometric technology to benefit others.

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With over 20 years of history, and with a solid endeavour in becoming world leaders in the science of biometrics, your solution is only a touch of a finger away