Webinars and Online Demos

Webinars and Online Demos

Our ZKTeco Europe team would like to thank you for attending our training and provide you with all the resources available so that you can continue to expand your knowledge of ZKTeco solutions. If you like you can also follow our Youtube channel and stay up to date with our latest videos.


ZKBio CVSecurity

Are you ready to explore ZKBio CVSecurity, the latest all-in-one web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco?

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Atlas Series

Discover the Atlas access control panels, available for 1, 2 and 4 doors with integrated web application that eliminates the need for any management software.

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This webinar shows the ZK-LPRCar ID solution, ZKTeco's high-performance camera with integrated number plate recognition application.

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BioTime Web

BioTime Web is a simple Time & Attendance solution embedded in ZPad Plus, ZKTeco's multi-purpose Android data collection terminal.

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GoTime Cloud

GoTime Cloud is your cloud-based time and attendance solution. Manage the attendance of thousands of employees and hundreds of devices from a single online platform.

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ZKTime Enterprise

If you are looking to implement or improve your business time management system, join our webinar on ZKTime Enterprise and learn more about this solution.


Image repository and shared resources

In this shared folder you will find graphic resources to create your own marketing material with our solutions. Here you can find product images, poster designs, logos and much more.

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Should you have any technical problems regarding a ZKTeco product, we provide a technical support platform for Authorized Partners.