FBL5000-D Pro Series
Passport and ID Turnstile for Casinos and Airport Security
FA51M & FA51MC
Embedded or USB biometric module/reader with deep learning, face and palm recognition
Binocular camera
Alive body and mask detection
Age, gender and emotional expressions recognition
ZKTeco Europe FA51M
ZKTeco Europe FA51MC
ML200 | ML300
Digital keypad
Bluetooth Gateway
Voice Control (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)
Remote unlocking
Compatible with ZSmart App, Amazon Echo, and Google Nest Reversible handle
ZKTeco Smart Lock Series ML200 product
ZKTeco Smart Lock Series ML300 product
AQD-WM300 (RS485)
New Indoor Air Quality Controller for Integrators
AQD-WM300 (RS485)
AQD-WM300 (RS485)
Near-infrared Biometrics Palm Scanner
Flush-Mounted RS485 Fingerprint Reader
ZKTeco's FR1500S is here! Our best seller FR1500 fingerprint reader is now incorporating our Silk ID Fingerprint Sensor, Stainless Steel front casing and IP65 protection for outdoor installation and superior resistance.
CO2 Monitor for Air Quality Control
Plug & Play Standalone and Easy to Install Sensors
Waterproof License Plate Recognition Totem
For any LPR applications where a vehicle stops, or almost comes to a complete stop like border posts, tolling system and free-flow uses or vehicle inspection installations.
Stop & Go applications
Smart anti-collision & automatic closing
IP67 protection suitable for outdoor installation.
Compatible with vehicle entrance control gate barriers.
Simple installation.
Touchless Biometrics
Advanced Biometric Access Control Solutions with Temperature Detection
OSDP Readers
Dual communication
Dual frequency
Single reader
Atlas Series
Atlas Bio
1, 2 or 4 Doors Management models
Atlas Prox
Access Control Panels with built-in Web Application
No software required
Wiegand and OSDP compatible


ZKTeco Europe is a multinational enterprise specialized in the manufacture and development of biometrics and RFID technology solutions for the Security industry. Our main focus is on Biometrics such as face recognition, palm-vein recognition, fingerprint, and iris recognition, applied to Time Attendance, Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance and many more areas.

Hybrid BiometricsTime AttendanceAccess Control Systems


We offer a variety of key services for your business, be it training, repairs, software development, and what is more, the complete ODM solution for your market. Contact us for further information.

ZKTeco Europe Product catalogue 2020

New Product Catalogue 2020

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At ZKTeco Europe we are pleased to present our New Product Catalogue 2020, an essential tool for any professional installer of Time Attendance, Access Control, Video Surveillance and Security installations, including useful commercial and technical information. Our new product catalogue features over +20 new products and 100 pages. Check it out!


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