With over 25 years experience, ZKTeco benefits from a highly qualified team of more than 1500 employees worldwide with its own manufacturing plants offering numerous options in OEM and ODM solutions - covering all aspects of hardware, firmware and software.

Custom projects

In order to keep ahead in this ever faster moving industry, technological innovation and originality is essential. ZKTeco offers clients an infinite range of OEM and ODM possibilities coordinating together all development stages necessary to provide you with the complete and ideal product.

For ODM projects, having established our client’s requirements, according to set parameters, our team can move swiftly to present a mold prototype, and upon confirmation, proceed through the different stages of hardware and firmware/software development.  

Having such a wide range of terminals with new lines continuously being launched, according to market trends, ZKTeco can offer varied options of OEM customized products, related to type of casing, company or product logo and customized functions.

For further information on how we can provide you with the product to fit your requirements in accordance with your corporate and technological profile, feel free to contact our sales team, we would be happy to assist.