• Cloud video surveillance system
  • It is not required to invest in intermediate hardware or recorders
  • Generate recurring revenue with GoViewCloud
  • Installation always up to date and operational
  • Easily add cameras to your cloud application by scanning QR code

GoViewCloud is a modern cloud video surveillance system which allows to manage IP cameras through a PC, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection.

Our cloud video surveillance system incorporates storage and monitoring tools, which facilitate easier management with almost zero maintenance because there is no need to use intermediate equipment or recorders. Thanks to its simple architecture, GoViewCloud is able to connect an unlimited number of IP cameras which have a QR code to scan and link them to the platform automatically.

Cloud-based Video Surveillance Solution that includes multiple features as:

  • Device QR Code activation and enrolment
  • Program and schedule recordings (video recording, sensor activation...)
  • Alerts and notifications on the device of your choice
  • Always up to date due to the Cloud-based platform
System Access100% cloud access with your login credentials
Compatible devicesES-852O21C-S5-MI / BS-852O22C-S5-MI / BL-852O38S-S5 / EL-852O38I-S5 / DL-852O28B-S5
Suggested web browsersFirefox 27+ /Chrome 33+
Screen resolution1024x768 or higher
APPAndroid & iOS


Download Date Files
GoViewCloud APK 14/03/2023
Download GoViewCloud APK2.5 MB

Data Sheet

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GoViewCloud Data Sheet 17/05/2022


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GoViewCloud Partner Catalogue 04/05/2022