The Armatura AHSC-1000 is a powerful and versatile security controller that offers ultimate authentication performance, intelligent power monitoring, PoE capability, third-party integration, robust cybersecurity features, port failover and redundancy, supervised inputs, scalability, an innovative MQTT-based communication protocol, and dual-system ROM protection. It is designed to provide advanced security solutions to a wide range of industries.


State-of-the-art technology

| Ultimate authentication performance

|  Intelligent power monitoring

|  Third party integration

| Cyber security

Supports a wide range of RFID cards, mobile IDs, fingerprints, facial recognition and palm authentication to meet high-volume authentication needs.

Monitors power options, including battery health, PoE status and PSU power, providing administrators with real-time power status for troubleshooting.

Integrates with a variety of building management systems, reader protocols and lift systems, enabling seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Implements robust encryption standards, communication protocols, IP/Mac address filtering, VLAN isolation and a dedicated cryptographic chip to provide enhanced cyber security measures.

Recommended uses

With a variety of features, our technology can work with many solutions.

| Government buildings

| Manufacturing plants

| Corporate offices

| Logistics and warehouses

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