The OmniAC20 is a sleek standalone terminal that combines palm and face recognition. It has IP66 water & dustproof protection and supports multiple credential frequencies. Its slim design adds a modern touch to any environment.


Top of the line technology

| Advanced Security

| Slim Design & Mounting Options

| Unrivalled Palm and Face Recognition Performance

| Outdoor Rated for Variable Environments

Secure communication: OSDP(V2.1.7) over RS-485 communication between the OmniAC20 and access control panels. Using AES-128 encryption standards ensures the highest levels of data protection & security.

The devices slim design with its backplate suits most architectural and interior designs. The OmniAC20 supports multiple mount types to meet most scenarios worldwide. Mounting accessories for speed gates are also available.

ARMATURA’s Multi-Biometric technology combines palm and face recognition with our unique deep learning algorithm to give users an efficient authentication experience. Industry-leading combination of visible and NIR infrared recognition technology provides exceptional authentication accuracy and the industry’s top-notch anti-spoofing protection.

IP66 Weatherproof rating – built to withstand freezing cold winters, heavy rains and dry/hot summers. -20°C to 60°C/ -4°F – 140°F operating temperature enables operation even under the most severe weather conditions.

Recommended Uses

With a Variety of features, our technology can work with several solutions.

| Government Buildings

| Healthcare

| Manufacturing Plants

| Airports

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