The OmniAC30 standalone terminal is a cutting-edge device that combines palm and face recognition for secure access control. It has IP66 water & dustproof protection and supports multiple credential frequencies. With flexible mounting options, it offers a convenient and versatile solution for various applications.


Top of the line technology

| IP66 Water & Dustproof Protection Rating

| Better Images, Faster Recognition

| Advanced Security

| Modern Aesthetic Design

Certified IP66 water & dustproof levels represent that the readers can withstand dust, dirt, sand, and are resistant to violent surf impact or strong winds and rain.

This device supports palm/ face tracking, which can more intelligently capture the user’s biometrics and avoid the user’s biometric from continuing to be compared after verifying. At the same time, the palm/ face AE function enables the device to obtain higher quality images which improves the recognition accuracy.

Secure communication: OSDP(V2.1.7) over RS-485 communication between the OmniAC30 and access control panels. Using AES-128 encryption standards ensures the highest levels of data protection & security.

The build of the OmniAC30 blends a high-quality metal enclosure with a tempered glass panel. The elegant design fits perfectly into any usage scenario and its sleek design brings a practical and reliable experience to users.

Recommended Uses

With a Variety of features, our technology can work with several solutions.

| Government Buildings

| Manufacturing Plants

| Data Centers

| Logistics & Warehouses

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