EP30 Series

The Armatura EP30 reader is an outdoor-ready device that offers NFC and Bluetooth verification using your smartphone, along with RFID credential types, QR Code modes, and fingerprint verification. Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, this reader provides a secure and multifactor authentication solution for access control needs.


Top of the line technology

| Multi-tech & Mobile Credential

| IP65 Water & Dustproof Protection Level

| Advanced Fingerprint Scanning Technology

| Anti-Attack Technology

Supports over 30+ RFID card types in standard package with varies optional RFID modules that cover up to over some extra advanced secured RFID protocols, which almost cover most of the end-user requests, enabling high flexibility for multi-card types and mobile credentials situation.

Certified IP65 Water & Dustproof levels represent that the readers can withstand dust, dirt and sand, and are resistant to low-pressure jets(6.33mm) of directed water from any angle with no harmful effects.

Supports the whole system to cascade up to millions of fingerprint templates, and the fingerprint is irreversible to fingerprint photos under any possible measures, and the encryption standard of the algorithm is as high as AES256 standard.

Effectively prevents external malicious attacks protects all communications & client’s data.

Recommended Uses

With a Variety of features, our technology can work with several solutions.

| Government Buildings

| Corporate Offices

| Warehousing

| Healthcare

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