Armatura One

Armatura One Security Platform

Armatura One is the ultimate “All-in-One” web-based security platform developed by Armatura. It contains  multiple integrated modules: Personnel, Access Control, Time & Attendance, Elevator, Visitor, Parking  Management, Video Management System, Office, Fire Alarm, Entrance Control, FaceKiosk, Temperature  Detection, Defence, Data Monitor, Building Automation and Intrusion.


Top of the line Web-Based Security Platform

| High Security

| Building Automation

| Advanced Multi-functional Linkages

| Advanced Access Control Functions

Armatura One is designed for high-security applications. All communications are encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard and Transport Layer Security (TLS) cryptographic protocols.

With the help of the Armatura Protocol Gateway, it supports up to 268+ industrial-grade protocols including BACnet, OPC, Modbus, etc., which makes Armatura One easily integrable with Building Management Systems (BMS) or Property Management Systems (PMS).

Supports over 200 linkage conditions which cover most access control application scenarios. In addition, it supports high-level linkages with 3rd party industrial-grade devices via industrial-grade communication protocols. Users can flexibly set linkage conditions or attributes upon different device applications such as air quality sensors, air-conditioners, water leakage sensors & more.

Supports advanced access control functions such as anti-passback, multi-level authentication, cross panel linkage (global linkage), elevator access control, visitor management, etc. Armatura One offers higher flexibility to the user supporting up to 256-bit card lengths that almost cover all needs and supports up to 15-time segments in a single time zone to offer flexible scheduling.

Recommended Uses

With a Variety of features, our technology can work with several solutions.

| Government Buildings

| Manufacturing Plants

| Corporate Offices

| Data Centers

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