ZKTeco Europe | COVID-19 General Communication

ZKTeco Europe, ZKTeco, COVID-19 Coronavirus Notification

As more and more countries are taking actions against the Coronavirus crisis and while we monitor and comprehend how it affects our families, workplaces, health systems and economies, we know this is an emergency that involves all of us as a society and requires us to do our best as a team to bring it to a successful resolution, in the wider context of bringing the global epidemic to an under control status.

Thus, we have a vast responsibility to our ZKTeco teams and a key priority: To protect the health and safety of our professionals, extending this scope to our clients and our suppliers, while ensuring the continuity of our services.

At ZKTeco we are immersed in a digital transformation, to generate innovation and sustainability betting on agile working, focused on performance and outcomes. This approach allows us to react effectively given the current situation, placing special emphasis on those colleagues with school-age children and in risk groups. This measure, along with the rest of the actions that we have at present carried out throughout the company, in terms of business-travel cancellations, limitation of meetings and events and the adoption of rigorous prevention and hygiene measures, may help prevent the coronavirus from spreading among more people.

It has consistently been stated, with good judgment, that the purpose of a company cannot represent merely an empty statement, on the other hand, it is our fundamental reason for being; our purpose is: "To make our world safer." 

Furthermore, in the context that we are living, our purpose makes more sense than ever. That is why I want to express to all the human teams of ZKTeco Global, my gratitude for their efforts and their commitment to success on behalf of all the employees of ZKTeco and on my own, to convey our heartiest wishes for a rapid recovery to those affected and our encouragement for their relatives.

I cannot forget to thank all the healthcare personnel in Spain, Europe, China and worldwide for that titanic effort they are making every day.

Best regards, 

Fernando Ducay

CEO ZKTeco Europe