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ZKBioSecurity3.1.0.0 Access Control Software

ZKBioSecurity is the ultimate “All in One” web based security platform developed by ZKTeco. It contains multiple integrated modules: access control, elevator control (online/offline), visitor management, guard patrol, hotel module, T&A and video linkage between others. With an optimized system architecture designed for high level biometric identification and a modern-user friendly UI, ZKBioSecurity provides the most advanced solution for a whole new user experience.

Fully compatible with the revolutionary SilkID - FBI Certified (PIV07100) - fingerprint sensor and the Green Label Premium Series, the ZKBioSecurity platform provides the most advanced multi-biometric identification solution in the industry, taking the user experience to the highest level.

  • All-In-One solution (Access Control, Elevator, Visitor, Patrol, Hotel, T&A and Video Surveillance). Simple Structure and Smooth Workflow.
  • Many Doors Management Capacity (Up to 2,000 doors in Single Server and 8,000 Multi-Server).
  • Stable, Fast and Consistent Communication.
  • Advanced Access Control Functions.
  • Global Anti-Passback and Linkage.
  • Video Integration Compatible with Third Party Device.
  • Automatic Data Backup.
  • Alarms and Events Email Notifications.
  • System Log Monitoring System.
  • Supports InBio Pro Access Control Panels and Green Label Product Series.
  • Card Printing function.
  • Supports badge printer, QR code & barcode scanner.
  • Supports DNS/DDNS connection.
  • Elevator control supports online or online mode.
  • Integrated with Arteco Video Software and C2P Video Middleware and connect with Milestone.
  • ZKBioSecurity Mobile App.


What’s new in v3.0.5.0?


  • Support ZKBioSecurity Mobile APP to add personnel and control the doors.
  • New added Hotel module can be used together with Access Control/Elevator Control module.
  • Support online or offline solutions in Elevator Control.
  • Support built-in API/AD integration for 3rd party system.
  • Support OCR features for Indonesia and ID readers for Dubai and Malaysia.
  • Support card printing function with HID Fargo/IDP printers.
  • Support using QR code in Visitor module to open the door (together with turnstiles).
  • Support GT/PT series and 3rd party cameras by using Onvif protocol.
  • Support 3rd party video software (Arteco) and middleware (C2P/Milestone) integrations.
  • Support ZK badge printer TP8016US for visitor management.
  • Support switching four door one way controller to two door two way.
  • Support DNS/DDNS in the new firmware for Pro Panels.
  • Add license ID and improve the license activation compatibility.