CCTV Training Seminars and Security Solutions at the ZKTeco Europe Experience Center


At ZKTeco we are proud of our video surveillance solutions and our knowledgeable team specialised in the security market. That is why we love to organize our CCTV training seminars up-to-date with latest technologies and changes.

Our recent training course was held on December 27th and 28th in our new European Experience Center in Madrid. During our two day workshop, specialized companies and attendees enjoyed a hands-on experience and opportunity to evaluate the quality of our new product ranges, from simple analog cameras to the most sophisticated network recording systems.

In addition, they received a demo of our AntarVis video management software as well as the AntarView APP provided by our most qualified staff.

AntarVis is the most complete professional software for the management and visualization of the ZKTeco equipment. We also reviewed the intelligent functions of our IP cameras, such as intrusion detection, facial recognition or detection of abandoned objects, among others.

Finally, a mini-dome camera ES-52O12H was delivered to all attendees, a simple but versatile camera with IP67 certification and compatible with ZKBioSecurity, our most complete All-In-One platform for access control.

CCTV training courses at our ZKTeco Experience Center

If you are interested in our video surveillance solutions and want to attend a training seminar or workshop in our Experience Center, you just have to contact us using our contact form and our staff will contact you to arrange a visit.


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