IVV AUTOMAÇÃO hosts ZKTeco Europe Roadshow in Portugal

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In ZKTeco Europe we have completed our Roadshow in Portugal with our Gold Partner, IVV AUTOMAÇÃO, bringing our latest technology and our premium line of Green Label products, Access Control, Time Attendance, Entrance Control and our Security Inspection solutions to stakeholders and installers. The three-day Roadshow took place in the cities of Faro, Lisbon and Braga. 

Our Roadshow is designed to represents an occasion to share information and network among installers and security decision-makers from prominent enterprises. On this roadshow, the three sessions were imparted by IVV AUTOMAÇÃO and our team of experts. Among some of the highlights, participants really showed interest in ZPad Plus with Web-server and Green Label. ZPad Plus is ZKTeco’s newest multi-functional data collection terminal, with Android 6.0.1 platform, SILK ID fingerprint sensor and/or RFID module and our Green Label series, a project-oriented high-end product line. 

Participants also enjoyed learning about our software, ZKBioSecurity, which enables the function of multiple integrated modules with an optimized system architecture: access control, time attendance, elevator control, hotel module, visitor management, parking management, guard patrol and video linkage. 

ZPAD Plus, Time Attendance, and Web-Server solutions

Our ZKTeco team demonstrated the operation and applications of the ZPAD Plus webserver and participants really enjoyed its features. The audience made many inquiries and perceived the ZPAD Plus as a very easy and basic solution, and at the same time, an ideal Time Attendance solution for small businesses which do not require advanced presence control functions. 

ZPad Plus comes in three different versions: ZPad Plus, BioTime Web and ZPad Plus Cloud.

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Learn more about ZPad Plus

Entrance Control and ZKTeco's Security Inspection products

Additionally, our team presented ZKTeco's Entrance Control product range which offers the latest Flap barriers and Turnstiles (full-height or mid-height turnstiles), depending on the level of security required and how efficiently the passage control solutions can be integrated with ZKTeco’s RFIDS and MultiBiometric Access Control Devices. Our team also spoke about our Security Inspection products exclusively designed for early detection and prevention of dangerous threats like ZKTeco's X-ray inspection line for object identification, or new metal detectors which provide a quick & accurate analysis of people in transit.

In conclusion, our partnership with IVV AUTOMAÇÃO brings our full suite of security products closer to Portuguese customers in need of high-tech cost-effective biometric access control solutions. We want to thank our Gold Partners partner IVV AUTOMAÇÃO for organizing this Roadshow and to attendees for choosing ZKTeco products.

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In case you missed the event, you can have a look at some pictures here:

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