Upgrade to ZKBioAccess! ZKAccess 3.5. product discontinuance notification

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We are delighted to inform you that our recently released ZKBioAccess, a web-based Access Control software developed by ZKTeco and specially designed for Small and Medium companies, will soon be replacing ZKAccess 3.5.

ZKAccess 3.5. will be permanently discontinued in October 1st, 2020. 

After that date, the ZKAccess 3.5. will no longer be available. We strongly suggest that ZKAccess 3.5. service users consider our alternative service solutions prior to this date. We sincerely appreciate your support and regret any inconvenience this necessary action causes you.

ZKAccess version features

  • Support for ZK9500: This device is compatible with ZKAccess and ZKBioAccess but not with previous versions of ZKAccess.
  • Technical support will only be provided to version
  • Allows up to 2000 users and 25 doors. All new terminals will only be compatible with this version.
  • 2-month trial period with access to AC and TA functions. 5 days left before the trial period ends a warning is issued when the software starts.
  • Obtain a 2-year free license: The free license only activates the access module.

Why upgrade to ZKBioAccess?

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ZKBioAccess simplifies your Access Control solutions and can manage around 2000 personnel data with its powerful data processing capacity. 

We encourage you to explore the new ZKBioAccess so that you can benefit from:

  • Its friendly user interface
  • Its reliable access control module for up to 10 doors
  • Its simplified system architecture ensures better access control management performance
  • How easy it is to migrate larger projects to ZKBioSecurity  

Please feel free to contact your account manager directly if you require more information.

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