ZKBioAccess software upgrade: Take the leap!

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We have released ZKBioAccess, a lite web-based Access Control software developed by ZKTeco specially designed for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Its reliable access control module is an ideal solution for up to 10 doors and comes along with friendly user interface design and simplified B/S system architecture to ensure a better biometric identification performance.

What is new in ZKBioAccess?

Your lite web-based security platform 

Today, modern companies' concern for security has rapidly increased. Every company wants to work in a secure environment. To reach this level, ZKTeco brings to you a management system ZKBioAccess, that helps customers to integrate operations of safety procedures on one platform.
Key features:

zkbioaccess, zkbiosecurity, ZKTeco Europe, zkbioaccess upgrade, Access Control software,  

Simplify your Access Control

Improved Access Control management performance

ZKBioAccess simplifies your Access Control solutions and can manage around 2000 personnel data with its powerful data processing capacity. There are two available packages: a 5 doors package or a 10 doors package. If your project exceeds 10 doors please upgrade to ZKBioSecurity.

zkbioaccess software, zkbioaccess, ZKTeco Europe, access control software, 

Should you have any questions regarding this latest upgrade, please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can email us with any questions at sales@zkteco.eu or if you want an overview of how ZKBioAccess can help transform your Access Control system. We will get back to you!

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