ZKTeco Europe presents Access Control Solutions at the Romanian Security Fair 2018


ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR, organized by the Romanian Association for Security Technique in partnership with ROMEXPO from 18th-20th of October 2018, welcomes global security professionals serving the International and Romanian Security Industry. The 2018 Security Technique Biennial represents a unique opportunity to benefit from the results of research and technological innovation and network with crucial stakeholders, providers and consumers.

Green Label, ZKBioSecurity and Standard Access Control Solutions

Over 60 companies from Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Italy, among others, presented their solutions and devices at the 5th edition of the Romanian Security Fair in Romexpo. This is the third time ZKTeco Europe participates as an exhibitor with our gold partner YLI Control Access, a reference for ZKTeco in the Romanian market.

At this year’s Romanian Security Fair, we presented our latest product launches as well as our premium line of Green Label products. As a highlight, we were proud to extended our appreciation by greeting personally the President of the Romanian Security Association. We discussed how to collaborate, and how our technology can contribute to develop security projects in Romania. We were equally pleased to guide new Romanian security companies and system integrators to our existing distribution channel in the market aiming to establish a healthy and robust business infrastructure within the Romanian territory.

If you had the opportunity to stop by the stand you might have noticed that this year ZKTeco Europe in collaboration with YLI introduced our new ProBio waterproof access control terminal with Z-ID Sensor and ZKBioSecurity, the ultimate “all-in-one” web based security platform linked to our premium Green Label line of products.

ZKBioSecurity software is the most complete biometric security solution that integrates the latest software technology and innovations from Access Control solutions to turnstiles, Pro ID Readers, Green Label Pro controllers or BioOnCard, among others. And ProBio is the first access control terminal to apply the most advanced Z-ID Sensor and face technology together.

Members of the ZKTeco Europe team presented these innovative solutions along side our well-known Time & Attendance and Access Control devices which integrate biometrics like face, palm, fingerprint and vein recognition, during a series of presentations that took place on the tradeshow, closing with networking with partners, clients and other like-minded peers. We we’re delighted to receive some of our top brand customers and partners, like Hyperion Technologies and to visit BNT

10 years after the first edition, the Romanian Security Fair continues to represent the place where the most recent developments in the field of security technique are gathered and where the latest technologies, innovations and development trends will mark the future of the security industry.

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