ZKTeco launches Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition using Deep Learning

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ZKTeco’s new Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition is one of our latest key technology developments which aims to overcome shortcomings of previous facial recognition and achieve an all-around upgrade on whatever performance and reliability using Deep Learning.

Facial Recognition has been considered as one of the rising biometric technologies and many are optimistic about its development in the future. However, the technological incapability of facial recognition has also been exposed along with the increasing usage in our daily life, mainly in the ability of anti-spoofing, a threshold of processing power, environmental restriction on the light source and pose of angle.

Therefore, this is precisely what the Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition was developed for and the key to this breakthrough would be incorporating Deep Learning technology. Deep Learning is adapted to fill up those three technological incapabilities as aforesaid and has been passing through continuous training to keep enhancing its performance. 

Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition’s performance on practical applications 

The Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition is rather an all-round upgraded version on previous facial recognition technology, not only qualified for general applications, but also competent for advanced recognition task under a dynamic environment. Especially for its cutting edge anti-spoofing function, any business with high-level security requirements will find it a more reliable technology solution over the rest.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Motion detection with proactive verification: Verification technique automatically captures faces and verifies them, no more stopping for capturing required.
  • Identifies images and real faces (anti-spoof function): Utilizes Deep Learning to effectively identify living faces.
  • Pioneering techniques, quicker and farther: Verifies in 0.5 seconds, outpacing conventional infrared techniques. Up to 3m verification distance, no more crowded queuing.
  • ‘Touchless’ makes convenience and hygiene: Visible light technique for a higher level of convenience and hygiene using touchless verification to help reduce the spread of germs.
  • Applies Deep Learning techniques to widen face verification angle: While most algorithms only support 15° face verification, ZKBioFace visible light technique supports 30° face verification.
  • One-stop Service: Able to connect to ZKBioSecurity for better convenience and management system.
  • Users may upload personal information themselves: New users may upload personal information through a mobile app, administrators may just enroll in the system and perform registration for better convenience and efficiency.

Our Visible Light Series Product range:

G4-Visible-Light-Facial-Recognition FaceDepot-7A-Visible-Light-Facial-Recognition FaceDepot-7B-Visible-Light-Facial-Recognition SpeedFace-H5-Visible-Light-Facial-Recognition SpeedFace-V5-Visible-Light-Facial-Recognition






Our Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition product range is specially designed for:

  • Access and security
  • Payments
  • Integrators
  • Restaurants
  • VIP
  • Advertising, marketing and retail
  • Fitness Centers

See more applications here.

In the future, the Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition will also include a Multi-model facial recognition based on Near-infrared (NIR) and Visible light (VIS) which is currently under development.  

Do you want to learn more? Explore all the Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition series on this catalogue.

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