ZKTeco New KR613 & KR310 Wiegand dual frequency readers

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Our new and improved KR61 Wiegand family readers are here. These improved versions of former generation series KR10 & KR20, have proven outstanding features and quality standards in compliance with all European directives in comparison to the old series. 

ZKTeco Europe, KR610, KR613, Wiegand readers, ZKTeco,

Therefore, we are glad to announce that effective March 31st, 2019, these old soldiers will enjoy from a well-deserved retirement and will permanently be discontinued. We encourage those who still haven’t tested the new KR610 Wiegand family readers to try them ASAP and let your upcoming installations of any Access Control system benefit from extended distance installation with higher security communication standards provided by Wiegand and compatible with 125kHz and 13,56 MHz ISO14443A radiofrequency. We sincerely appreciate our support and regret any inconvenience this necessary action causes you.

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New KR613 dual frequency reader

A cost-effective solution to optimize your technological migrations

ZKTeco Europe, KR610, KR613, Wiegand readers, ZKTeco,

We are happy to announce that our Wiegand readers now have a new family member, the dual/hybrid KR613 card reader, which combines 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz contactless smart card and identification technologies into a single reader. This cost-effective reader is the perfect blend of two identification technologies, designed to facilitate and optimize management of your technological migrations to advanced security levels that ISO 14443A 13,56 MHz ISO14443A technology provides, and, to read a range of different cards within a single building or across a complex multi-site configuration.
Key features:

  • Secure and simple card management flexibility
  • Small-sized and best seller design
  • Suitable for discrete and easy integration in any door or outdoor access control point


New KR310 waterproof reader

Your external wiegand reader for Access Control

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KR310 is an external Wiegand reader for ZKTeco Access Control standalone devices and control panels. With a robust design, it is easy to connect and install and offer the possibility to control one door from both sides. 
Key features:

  • IP65 waterproof ideal for outdoor installation
  • Dual frequency (125kHz/13,56MHz) and proximity reading range of up to 10cm
  • LED lights to indicate allowed or denied access
  • Operating temperatures range from -10º to +70º
  • Compatible with ID and 13,56 MHz ISO14443A


We are eager for you to try these new features so don’t delay contacting your sales representative. You can email us with any questions at sales@zkteco.eu. We will get back to you!

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