• Speed gate for additional lane
  • High-performance swing barrier
  • Modularized structure design
  • Fast opening speed and low noise
  • SUS304 stainless steel

SBTL8200: ZKTeco's indoor speed gate with multiple lanes for convenient contactless access control

SBTL8200 is designed to work with SBTL8000 series for forming multiple lanes. In order to respond to different market needs, all barrier turnstiles based on different verification methods need to be stocked in warehouse because switching among verification methods requires additional processing on the product, thus, huge inventory and processing cost will be incurred.

  • Modular reader panel - in-time market response
  • Servomotor - faster opening speed
  • 10 pairs of infrared sensors for stronger tailgate detection.
  • SUS304 stainless steel casing
  • Higher durability for longer product life cycle
  • Easy switch, easy installation - RFID, fingerprint, face, etc
  • Bi-directional operation control
  • LED passage indicator in both directions
  • Convenient installation and maintenance
  • Various optional panels
  • Emergency mode allows free access when power failures or emergency
Power requirementsAC 100~ 120V/200 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Working temperature-28°C~ 60°C
Working humidity20%-95% (Non-condensing)
Working environmentIndoor
Speed of throughputMaximum 40/ minute
Lane width(mm)660
Footprint (mm)1600*870
Dimensions (mm)L=1600,W=120, H=1020
Dimension with packing (mm)L=1700,W=300, H=1130
Net weight (kg)86kg
Weight with packing (kg)100kg
Cabinet materialSUS304 Stainless Steel
Lid materialSUS304 Stainless Steel+Acrylic
Barrier materialAcrylic
Barrier movementSwing
Emergency modeYes

Installation Guide

Download Date Files
SBTL8200 Installation Guide 25/03/2020
sbtl8000_installation-guide.pdf326.78 KB

User Manual

Download Date Files
SBTL8000 User Manual 25/03/2020
sbtl8000_user_manual.pdf661.94 KB

Data Sheet

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SBTL8200 Data Sheet 25/03/2020
sbtl8200-leaflet-201022.pdf276.41 KB