• ZKTeco WDMS (Web-Based Data Master System) for Time and Attendance
  • One-Click-Sync Solution
  • Advanced middleware designed for ZKTeco PUSH SDK devices
  • Real-time device status and logs monitoring

WDMS ZKTeco's Web-Based Data Master System for PUSH SDK devices

WDMS is Web-based Data Master System, an advanced middleware.
As a middleware, WDMS allows you to deploy on servers and databases for devices and transactions management. Administrators can access WDMS anywhere by the browser or a third-party software by API to handle thousands of devices. At the same time, its new MTD module will ensure that every employee entering the work area is healthy.

  • MTD Module
  • Employee Resign
  • Bio-Photo Management
  • Device Communication Settings
  • Database Backup & Restore
  • Transaction Auto Export
  • Email Settings
  • FTP Settings
  • PDF Export Setting
  • Login and Password Security Settings
  • Multiple Languages
  • Retrieve Password
Software Specifications
System ArchitectureServer/Browser
Supported DevicesStandalone Device with Attendance PUSH Protocol: Green Label Series / A Series / B Series / FaceKiosk Series / iClock Series / IN Series / KF Series / MB Series / P Series / S Series / Silk Series / LP Series / U Series / UA Series / Face Series / VF Series / X Series
Device Capacity500 devices in a single server (Please contact us for more information on capacity expansion.)
DatabasePostgreSQL (Default), MSSQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014/2016/2017, MySQL5.0/5.6/5.7 Oracle 10g/11g/12c/19c
Supported OS(64-bit only) Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Windows Server /2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2/2016/2019
Suggested BrowsersChrome 33+ / IE 11+ / Firefox 27+
Monitor Resolution1024 * 768 or above
Hardware Requirements
CPUDual Core Processor with speeds of 2.4 GHz or faster
RAM4GB RAM available or above
Storage100GB available space or above
(We recommend using NTFS hard disk partition as the software installation directory.)

User Manual

Download Date Files
WDMS User Manual 22/03/2024
zkbio-wdms_user-manual.pdf7.67 MB
WDMS License Activation Manual 22/03/2024

Quick Start Guide

Download Date Files
WDMS Changelog 22/03/2024
zkbio-wdms_change-log.pdf907.3 KB
WDMS Installation guide 22/03/2024
zkbio-wdms_installation-guide.pdf1.6 MB
WDMS Supported device list 22/03/2024
zkbio-wdms_supported-device-list.pdf459.89 KB


Download Date Files
WDMS Installation package 22/03/2024

Data Sheet

Download Date Files
WDMS Data Sheet 22/03/2024
zkbio-wdms_datasheet.pdf14.1 MB