GoTime Cloud

  • Cloud-based Time Attendance Management Solution
  • Remote clock in/out tracking with the exact time and GPS locations
  • Flexible calendars and schedules
  • Tailored reports generation
  • GoTime Cloud, now has a new website and Partner Program. Easy to use, intuitive, and complete.
  • Access Control module with functionalities that support all GoTime Cloud biometric terminals
  • Contactless functionalities with the GoTime Cloud Sanity Plugin

GoTime Cloud: Your cloud-based Time Attendance Management Solution

GoTime Cloud is a cloud-based Time Attendance Management Solution, that centralizes your employee’s real-time information and Time Attendance fingerprint and RFID devices on a single platform, making this data accessible from web browsers, no matter where you are.

With GoTime Cloud your company and employee’s data are secure at AWS through your web browser of choice and without requiring any previous infrastructure or software application. Our solution adapts to any change in your company, allowing you to plan and configure without limitations, everything related to the way you track time and attendance. You can create advanced calendars, tailored schedules or configure all shifts for your company. GoTime Cloud is one centralized cloud-computing environment that ensures that all your existing facilities anywhere in the world work in the same way, letting your employee’s remote clock in/out and tracking the exact time and GPS locations.

Our cloud-based Time Time Tracking Management Solution, GoTime Cloud, now has a new website and Partner Program!

At ZKTeco Europe, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible cloud-based Time Attendance solution. We know that choosing the right Time Tracking software requires some research. That’s why, we can help. Feel free to contact us with any questions we are waiting to hear from you.

Centralize your installations in one platform
GoTime Cloud is a centralized, cloud-based solution, that lets you manage Time Attendance of thousands of employees and hundreds of devices from a single platform on-line, ensuring that all your existing facilities and Time Attendance devices work in the same way, anywhere in the world. 

Create advanced calendars and tailored schedules
Configure and assign rotating shifts, day shifts, night shifts, keeping all your operating hours covered. This data is then processed to accurately calculate payrolls and accrued hours.

Easily view and manage your employees’ incidences or petitions
Record real-time attendance data from various sources, control punches or view employees’ time allowed for a specific request. Your employees will be able to interact with GoTime Cloud and visualize their data, being able to request changes and submit them for approval.

Accrued balance hours
Manage payrolls, accurately define and calculate hourly totals, control accrued balance hours and keep your company in compliance with labour laws.

Generate reports
Easily generate reports for clocking, absenteeism, accrued balance, attendance events, payrolls, and much more. You can also easily export your data to Excel, Microsoft Word, CSV file, XML, Excel spreadsheets and PDF.

Remote clock in/out 
Allows remote clock in/out tracking providing exact time and GPS location information.

System Access 100% cloud access with your login credentials
Compatible devices iClock 560, iClock 680, iClock S560, iClock S880, ProFace-X, ProFace-X [TD], S922, SpeedFace RFID [TD], SpeedFace V5L [TI], UA760, UA860, uFace401/402, ZPad Plus, ZPad Plus RFID
Suggested web browsers Firefox 27+ /Chrome 33+
Screen resolution 1024x768 or higher

Quick Start Guide

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GoTimeCloud Quick Guide 21/02/2024
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GoTime Cloud Time Attendance Devices List 2024 25/01/2024

User Manual

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GoTime Cloud User Manual 12/01/2023

ZKTeco Europe Docs

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GoTime Cloud Changelog 13/02/2022


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GoTime Cloud Mobile app 09/04/2021

Data Sheet

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GoTime Cloud Data sheet 23/03/2020
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