AntarVis 2.0

  • Compatible with 8000 Series IP Cameras and NVR

AntarVis2.0 is the professional software for the central management of the front end network monitoring devices, including NVR, DVR, IPC, MDI, SDI and etc. It is to mainly fulfill the functions as real-time preview, video playback, E-map, alarm linkage, decoding on the wall, support the WEB access and mobile phone client access.

AntarVis2.0 program adopts independent setup package, which is easy for setup and contains the various basic functions for demand. It can be generally used for the small-sized project. Since VMS access data directly from device, the connection of one device with several clients has not been recommended for it intensifies tolerance capacity of device.

CPUIntel(R) Core(TM) i5 6500 @2.6GHZ or above
RAMDDR3 4G or higher
HDD250G or more, with 20G available space
Operation SystemMicrosoft Server2003, Server2008, Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Video CardIntel HD 630 above integrated graphics or NVIDIA GTX750 above discrete graphics.
Network cardGigabit Ethernet or above


Download Date Files
AntarVis Software 2.0 23/08/2021


Download Date Files
CCTV Catalogue ZKTeco Europe 22/02/2019

User Manual

Download Date Files
AntarVis 2.0 User Manual 08/01/2019
antarvis2.0-user-manual.pdf4.07 MB