Case Study: ZKTeco’s Facial Recognition with Vending Machine in Japan

Case study Japan vending machine ZKTeco

In this case study we analyze the possibilities of biometric recognition for retail market thanks to ZKTeco’s integrated module with Vending Machines in Japan.

The challenge: Targeting of advertisements and precise identification of client group thanks to biometric technology.

The world is always changing, and so are our lives. In the past, people received commercial information in limited channel including television, radio and printed materials as the Internet was absent. In 2020, advertisements have become much more diversified in so many medium, but we scroll away all things we do are not interested on screen, we no longer need to passively receive information as we are experiencing an era of information explosion. To advertisers, targeting has thus become ultimately critical, and in the world of the Internet it seems much more efficient, as targeting can be easily done with big data as online users’ characters can be easily tracked and identified. 

ZKTeco’s biometrics technology is a new method to actualize effective targeting in the physical world.

The Project

Enabling Precise Recognition of Human Features for Advertising
ZKTeco’s new deployment of biometrics involves a commonly seen device especially in Japan – vending machine. Advertisement media can be found everywhere nowadays, vending machine is no exception. In Japan, vending machines sell all kinds of goods that can be placed inside and attract different customers, thus enabling them to be an optimal medium for advertisement display.
However, as vending machines’ body space are limited, targeting of advertisements and precise identification of client group have become the requisite of effective promotion. It requires a quick and precise recognition of human features including gender and age.

Reliable Facial Recognition
Facial recognition deployment is a suitable method of precise identification. However, there have always been a challenge for outdoor installation, because of the intense sunlight that exceeds the tolerance level of conventional facial recognition to properly perform. ZKTeco thus had to provide something else that is truly pioneering in facial recognition.


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Device name

Device model

Facial Recognition Module FA10M Facial Recognition Module
Facial Recognition Algorithm ZKLiveFace 5.6 SDK


Schematic diagram

Case study Japan vending machine diagram ZKTeco  

Technical Features

  • ZKTeco deployed a unit of ZKTeco FA10M Facial Recognition Module has been deployed at the front side of a vending machine. The FA10M is controlled by the system installed in the vending machine with ZKLiveFace 5.6 SDK Algorithm.
  • FA10M is a module consisting of both visible light and near-infrared cameras, binocular WDR image sensor and visible fill lights.
  • The vending machine is equipped with a display monitor.
  • Once human approaches the vending machine, the Facial Recognition Camera is able capture his or her face image and physical features and deliver to the system. The image will be immediately analyzed by the ZKLiveFace 5.6 SDK Algorithm to identify the person’s gender and age.
  • Targeting is thus immediately performed and the display monitor will show suitable advertisements to the person according to the target group he or she belongs to. Precise and effective advertising can thus be realized.


Function Description

  • FA10M is a high-performance face recognition module that integrates visible light and near-infrared face collection. Latest advancements in visible light recognition technology allow FA10M to read multiple faces simultaneously, even in motion, from distances up to 20 feet (6 meters).
  • Its compact design enables it to be flexibly embedded into various types of devices. (i.e. Employee time clocks, POS terminals, industrial keyboards, ATMs, medical safes, voting machines, etc.).
  • FA10M supports standard USB communication and third-party development integration of Windows, Android, and Linux systems.
  • ZKTeco’s newest ZKLIVEFACE 5.6 SDK Visible Light Facial Recognition Algorithm offers industry-leading efficiency and preciseness.
  • ZKLIVEFACE 5.6 SDK supports photo registration and matching with as large storage capacity as 50,000 photos and strong compatibility of colour skins, satisfying multiple small-scale and middle-scale applications.
  • ZKLiveFace SDK Algorithm is an algorithm based on inspection of critical features including eye, lip edge, nose tip and contour etc. It supports facial recognition, liveness detection, masked face detection, age identification and gender identification etc., and has strong capability of recognition against blurred images, changing light source and obstruction of face etc.
  • ZKLiveFace SDK is open for software developers and system integrators, and is customizable according to market and clients’ needs.

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