ZKTeco's Touchless Biometrics with Body Temperature Detection

ZKTecos Touchless biometrics with body temperature detection ZKTeco
ZKTeco has made a huge effort to incorporate new features to its latest security and facial recognition devices to allow not only palm and facial recognition, but also facial recognition with mask detection and body temperature measurement.

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We hope these new products and features can help prevent exposure and contribute to protecting the public:  

ProFace X [TD] | Face, Palm-vein, Mask and Body Temperature Detection

ZK-D3180S [TD] | Walk Through Metal Detector with Body Temperature Detection

SpeedFace-V5L [TD] | Face, Palm-vein, Mask and Body Temperature Detection

ZN-T5/W | Thermal Security Network Camera

ZK-TD100 | Infrared Thermometer System

ProFace X [TI] | Thermal Imaging Temperature Detection

SpeedFace V5L [TI] | Thermal Imaging Temperature Detection

How do ZKTeco's mask detection and body temperature measurement Access Control devices work?

Along with the latest launch of our touchless biometrics product series, we have prepared a video demonstrating how these body temperature measurement access control devices work. This video covers our Access Control terminals, turnstiles, barriers, and metal detectors:

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ProFace X [TD] | Powered by Computer Vision Technology

ProFace X [TD] is ZKTeco's high-speed biometric access control terminal with face, palm vein, mask and body temperature detection.

Eliminate hygiene concerns within your premises thanks to ProFace X [TD] contactless recognition technology and new functions namely: body temperature detection and masked individual identification.

ProFace X  [TD] ZKTecos Touchless Biometrics with Fever Detection

  • Body Temperature and mask detection
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm
  • Suitable for indoor installations
  • Award-winning access control biometric facial recognition terminal
  • Compatible with ZKBioSecurity
  • Easy integration with SBTL8000 Series high-performance swing barriers

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ZN-T5/W | Thermal Security Network Camera

ZN-T5/W is a Thermal Security Network Camera which combines thermal and visible light video security imaging with safety video surveillance based on the detection of temperature measurement thresholds.

ZN T1 plus ZKTecos Touchless Biometrics with Fever Detection

An excellent choice for security professionals around the world.

  • On-board temperature-detection algorithm
  • Easy operation
  • Best-in-class intrustion detection
  • Compatible with ZKBioSecurity

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ZK-D3180S [TD] | Walk Through Metal Detector with Body Temperature Measurement

ZK-D3180S [TD] is a walk through metal detector with thermal and body temperature detection technology.

ZK-D3180S [TD] ZKTecos Touchless Biometrics with Fever DetectionZK-D3180S [TD] generates an alarm when a user or passangers body temperature is above normal (37.3℃) and when it detects a wide range of metallic items.

  • Effectively detects body temperature in high-traffic areas
  • Infrared body temperature detector
  • 18 detection zones

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SpeedFace-V5L [TD] Face, Palm-vein, Mask and Body Temperature Detection

SpeedFace-V5L [TD] is a high-speed biometric access control terminal with face, palm vein, fingerprint, mask and fever recognition.

speedface v5L ZKTecos Touchless Biometrics with Fever DetectionA perfect choice to improve safety in the premises of public areas such as hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, stations...

  • Fast and accurate body temperature measurement
  • Masked individual identification during facial and palm verification
  • Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition with Deep Learning built-in
  • Compatible with ZKBioAccess

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New TD Solutions Product Catalogue!

ZKTeco's Covid-19 containment solutions

ZKTeco Europe Covid-19 containment solutions

Which ZKTeco Temperature Detection solution would you choose for your installation? Download ZKTeco's Covid-19 containment solutions product catalogue and tell us all about it! Now available in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

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