GoViewCloud: Your cloud video surveillance platform

GoViewCloud Your cloud video surveillance platform

ZKTeco launches GoViewCloud, an intelligent, cloud video surveillance platform that allows you to manage IP cameras via PC, tablet, or mobile phone with an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

The solution incorporates storage and monitoring tools, which facilitate easier management with almost zero maintenance because there is no need to use intermediate equipment or recorders.

Become a GoViewCloud Partner: Smart Video Surveillance

As a GoViewCloud partner, include our solution in your product portfolio and implement our cloud-based video surveillance technology for your customers and organizations.

  • Secure: A cloud solution hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring the protection, up-date and recovery of data
  • Control: GoViewCloud platform breaks with traditional NVR architecture allowing video data to be monitored from virtually anywhere
  • Intuitive: Easily add ZKTeco cameras to your installation by scanning the QR code and linking cameras to your GoViewCloud project
  • Always up to date: Services are stored, accessed and updated online, ensuring installations are always up-to-date
  • No billing surprises: The solutions has several service storage options where you choose and pay only for what you use

How does GoViewCloud video surveillance platform work? Scan & Connect

GoViewCloud lets partners manage all their installations at a glance, with the ability to store, screen, and control visual data using the service.

Thanks to its simple architecture, the GoViewCloud app allows you to connect to your security system an unlimited number of IP cameras with simple QR code technology:

GoViewCloud Your cloud video surveillance platform

Scan, link, and add your ZKTeco video surveillance cameras to your GoViewCloud platform and turn your video surveillance system into a complete enterprise security platform.

The solutions has several service storage options where you choose and pay only for what you use.

GoViewCloud video surveillance cameras

GoViewCloud is compatible with ZKTeco video surveillance cameras.


✔  It is not required to invest in intermediate hardware or recorders

✔  Generate recurring revenue with GoViewCloud

✔  Installation always up to date and operational

✔ Easily add cameras to your cloud application by scanning QR

Application Scenarios: A flexible solution for all industries

ZKTeco’s GoViewCloud is specially designed to meet evolving requirements in the market and is widely used in many practical scenarios including, residential, corporate, and retail applications.
GoViewCloud Your cloud video surveillance platform

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