Interview | ZKTeco Embraces Innovation at SICUR 2024 with Armatura

ZKTeco Embraces Innovation at SICUR 2024 with Armatura

At the upcoming SICUR 2024, Spain's premier security exhibition, ZKTeco Iberia's General Manager Noemí Dacal steps into the spotlight. But the focus isn't just on ZKTeco's established solutions – it is on a bold new chapter unveiled through Armatura. Join us for an exclusive interview where Noemí Dacal delves into this exciting innovation, shares ZKTeco's key strategies, and offers insights into the future of security.

Noemí Dacal, General Manager ZKTeco Iberia
Branch office: ZKTeco Iberia

Armatura Solutions at SICUR 2024


 1. ZKTeco's dedication of its entire SICUR stand to ARMATURA is a bold statement. What motivates this shift, and what makes ARMATURA so unique in the security landscape?

Yes, this year, ZKTeco is excited to introduce a radical shift at SICUR 2024. We are dedicating our entire stand to ARMATURA, a company based in the USA and globally recognised for passing the most demanding industry standards and certifications.

ZKTeco's prominent focus on ARMATURA demonstrates their confidence in the brand and its potential to transform the security landscape. This partnership combines ZKTeco's established presence with ARMATURA's innovative solutions, providing a compelling value proposition for customers. 

Highlighting ARMATURA signifies ZKTeco's commitment to embracing new technologies and shaping the future of security. This aligns with the industry's shift towards smarter, more integrated security solutions.

Not familiar with ARMATURA? Come discover the product line at Stand 10H34, Hall 10. Get ready to experience a new level of physical and virtual security.

ZKTeco Embraces Innovation at SICUR 2024 with Armatura

Armatura: Advanced Mobile Credentials & Next-Gen Biometric Solutions

2.   While ZKTeco has traditionally presented its own solutions at SICUR, this year you are exclusively showcasing ARMATURA. What exciting innovations does ARMATURA bring to the table?

While ZKTeco products will be showcased by our trusted partners Casmar and Visiotech, at our stand, we will be exclusively highlighting ARMATURA's innovative offerings:

  • Advanced Mobile Credentials: Experience the convenience and security of using your smartphone as your key. ARMATURA's mobile credentials are perfect for offices, universities, and healthcare facilities, offering touchless access and reduced hygiene concerns.
  • Next-Gen Biometric Solutions: Discover fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition systems for unparalleled accuracy and user experience. These innovative solutions go beyond traditional methods, offering personalized and seamless access control.

Key Strategies

3.   Can you elaborate on your key strategy and how they will shape ZKTeco’s future endeavors?

Absolutely! This year, we are focusing on three crucial areas:

  • Global expansion: We are committed to broadening our international reach, with a particular emphasis on emerging markets. This allows us to offer our advanced security solutions to a wider audience and contribute to global security advancements.
  • Connected & integrated security: We are actively developing more integrated and connected security solutions that leverage the power of the cloud and IoT. This means seamless communication between different security systems, centralized management, and enhanced data-driven insights for better decision-making.
  • R&D Leadership: We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving field. By strengthening our R&D capabilities, we can continue to pioneer innovative security solutions that address evolving threats and meet the changing needs of our customers.

AI & Big Data

4.  With AI and Big Data revolutionizing various industries, how is ZKTeco leveraging these technologies to enhance security solutions? 

AI and Big Data hold immense potential in the security landscape, and ZKTeco is actively investing in harnessing their power. Here is how we are incorporating them: predictive analytics, identifying anomalous behaviour, and improving the efficiency of access control systems.

We are investing significantly in these areas to offer more advanced and secure products. By investing in these technologies, ZKTeco is at the forefront of creating a future where security is smarter, more proactive, and adaptable.

Future challenges

5.   The security industry is constantly evolving, and with it comes new challenges. What are some of the key hurdles the industry faces today?

The security landscape is a shifting terrain, and navigating it presents several significant challenges. One crucial task is embracing and harnessing emerging technologies like AI and cybersecurity. Another key challenge lies in striking a delicate balance between effective security measures and individual privacy. This requires developing solutions that safeguard both security and personal data, addressing growing concerns about surveillance and data collection.

Furthermore, building resilient and adaptable security systems is vital. This means anticipating evolving threats, implementing robust protection layers, and ensuring systems can quickly detect and respond to intrusions.

Finally, navigating the increasing complexity of regulations and compliance requirements presents a significant challenge for security providers. Staying compliant while innovating and adapting to new technologies requires efficient strategies and ongoing monitoring.

By understanding these challenges and working towards solutions, the security industry can continue to effectively protect individuals and organizations in an ever-changing world.

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