Parking Systems | SPB Pro Parking integrated LPR solution

Parking Systems | SPB Pro Parking integrated LPR solution

ZKTeco launches SPB Pro Parking, a powerful all-in-one integrated LPR solution based on a high-performance parking barrier, a vehicle detection radar, and a license plate recognition camera with embedded software, to fulfill all the requirements of advanced vehicle access control for parking systems and installation projects.

How does SPB Pro Parking work?

Our fully integrated license plate recognition system is designed for efficient parking management for any type of parking facility to improve the overall parking experience. In this video see how SPB works:

High-performance LPR Solution: Scalable, flexible & cost-effective

ZKTeco's parking solution and vehicle entrance control system includes:

  • BG1000 Series Barrier Gate:  A boom barrier with robust steel casing, superior reliability with 3 million cycles (MCBF), and interactive led design. Compatible with third-party items such as traffic lights or keypads.
  • VR10 Vehicle Detection Radar: A vehicle detection radar designed to provide safety during the passage of vehicles or people. It offers a more flexible installation in comparison to inductive loops. 
  • DL-852Q28B LPR Camera: A versatile license plate recognition camera with embedded software that ensures superior performance. Suitable for outdoor installation.

What are the benefits of our parking systems and LPR solutions?

Among some of the main benefits of our SPB Pro Parking system and LPR solutions are:

  • Versatile, designed for heavy-duty applications and outdoor installations.
  • Reduce costs and save on installation time with ready to assemble solutions.
  • License-free.
  • Identification of plates from over +80 countries.
  • Add new devices to your system with a quick set-up configuration.
  • Highly accurate, control and prevent vehicles and people from running into obstacles.

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