How to clean a fingerprint sensor in 5 simple steps

how to clean a biometric fingerprint sensor zkteco

A fingerprint sensor is an electronic device used to capture a digital image of a biometric fingerprint pattern. For the fingerprint scanner to function properly, it is essential to maintain a clean surface, without dust or scratches.

Though the biometric fingerprint reader is quite tolerant to the residues left on the surface, it performs optimally only when it is kept clean. Proper maintenance of fingerprint scanners is essential to give them a longer lifespan, ensure hygiene and sustain their workability. For best practices you can follow our biometric fingerprint sensor recommended cleaning  guidelines:

How to clean a fingerprint sensor in 5 simple steps

ZKTeco Europe How to clean a fingerprint sensor in 5 simple steps infography

Step 1: Disconnect the device from the power supply. 

Step 2: Moisten a lint-free cloth (not paper or tissue) with (1-2ml) ethanol in a concentration of 75%.

Step 3: Use the moist lint-free cloth very gently dab the window (do not wipe) the surface of the biometric fingerprint sensor. 

Step 4: Repeat the previous steps until the fingerprint sensor completely clean (make sure there is no residual solution left over the surface of the fingerprint sensor. 

Step 5: The cleaning process is complete after the biometric fingerprint sensor is dry and could reconnect it for use. 

Under no circumstances do the following:

DO NOT pour glass cleaner directly on the reader window. 

DO NOT submerge the sensor in liquid. 

DO NOT rub the capture area with any abrasive material, including paper.

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