Meet ZKTeco's embedded LPR solutions: ZK-LPR Car ID

ZKTeco Europe Meet ZKTeco's embedded LPR solutions: ZK-LPR Car ID

ZK-LPR Car ID is the next step in ZKTeco’s Access Control system technology for an efficient and simple vehicle access management, delivering, faster & easier set-up and allowing customers to achieve high performance with lower installation, maintenance and off-site programming costs.

ZK-LPR Car ID: License plate recognition system excellence

ZK-LPR Car ID is based on BL-852Q38A-LP, ZKTeco’s high-performance camera with an embedded License Plate Recognition application.
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  • LPR software embedded in the camera
  • Allows integration with server / cloud based solutions
  • Access lists for multiple events configuration
  • Scalable solution with primary / secondary cameras
  • OCR conversion directly in the camera
  • Supports 3rd party integration (Milestone and Lenel)
  • Identifies plates from more than +80 countries

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