Series 77

In the 77 Series ZKTeco features a door lock intended to be fitted to safety and emergency doors. Its internal construction allows unlocking under pressures of up to 450 kg, according to certificate NF_S_61-937 with number CET0100362. It is also certified EN 14846. Additionally, it incorporates a diode that prevents electronic interference and extends the life of the coil.

  • Opening with a resistance pressure of up to 450 kg
  • High security installations
  • Integrated diode
  • Pressure resistance certification
  • Certification 14846 for emergency doors
  • Non Reversible
Height 134 mm
Width 39 mm
Depth 23,2 mm
Adjustable Jaw Range 2 mm
Suits Latches With Maximum Throw Of 10 mm
Endurance Cycles Test In-plant 500.000
Holding Force 7.350 N / 750 kg-f
Operating Temperature Range -15 °C to +40 °C
Diode Or Varistor Standard
Microswitch Optional


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Strike Locks Product Catalogue ZKTeco 15/02/2019
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Data Sheet

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77 Series Data Sheet 04/10/2018
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