• Wall-mounted CO2 Sensor and Indoor Air Quality Controller
  • Large screen display 43,18 cm
  • Multiple sensors: PM2.5, CO2, temperature, and humidity

AQD-WM1700 Wall-mounted CO2 Sensor with large screen display

Air quality CO2 sensors can be literally applied to every industry. ZKTeco Europe is releasing AQD-WM1700, the ideal wall-mounted CO2 Sensor and Indoor Air Quality Controller that features the ability to measure up to four-following key IAQ parameters: PM2.5, CO2, temperature, and humidity.

An ideal solution to create better solutions in all kinds of application scenarios:

  •  Residential ventilation systems
  •  Business ventilation systems
  •  Industrial ventilation systems

  • Wall-mounted integrated air quality controller
  • Multiple sensors: PM2.5, CO2, temperature, and humidity
  • Big Screen Display 17 Inch
  • CO2 Technology:  infrared ( NDIR)
  • Temperature unit Celsius
  • 24 hours real time monitoring.
  • Detection range: CO2  (400-5000 ppm)
  • CO2 Sensing module: HEIMANN sensor from Germany
  • Chip: Arterytelc
Common Screen Display, Big Screen Display 17 Inch
CO2 TechnologyInfrared (NDIR)
Temperature unitCelsius
Detection rangeCO2 (400-5000 ppm)
Monitoring24 hours real time
Power supplyUSB Charging cable 3M
Product Size365*230*40MM
IncludedMain Unit + Manual + Charging cable
CO2 Sensing moduleHEIMANN sensor from Germany

Data Sheet

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AQD-WM1700 Data Sheet 07/04/2021
AQD-WM1700 Data Sheet225.1 KB