ZKBio Time ERGANI Advanced Integration Solution for Time and Attendance in Greece

ZKBio Time ERGANI Advanced Integration Solution | Time and Attendance

ZKTeco launches ZKBio Time ERGANI, an Advanced Integration Solution for Time and Attendance to enable Greek businesses to manage Digital Work Cards and comply with the current T&A regulation in the most effective way.

The current T&A law in Greece requires all companies to have and operate an electronic system for measuring the working time of their employees directly connected to the national Greek server, ERGANI, for real-time workforce monitoring.

The ERGANI server requires a specific format of credentials for employees’ check-in/check-out registrations that is compatible with our software. The most common type of employee credential is a QR code generated by the Greek government’s free app: Ergani CardScanner. Our firmware can read and decode the QR generated by this app.

Additionally, businesses may require having the data stored and available for their internal usage: this is why ZKBio Time ERGANI is the solution of choice for Greek companies.

How it works: Your Digital T&A Solution ZKBio Time ERGANI

ZKTeco Europe ZKBio Time Ergani installation

Install ZKBio Time ERGANI on the server. The HR department will be in charge of configuring the T&A system according to the needs of each company.

ZKTeco Europe ZKBio Time Ergani

Create the profile for each employee or directly import an existing database. It is important that the Employee VAT Number field is specified in each user’s profile.

ZKTeco Europe ZKBio Time Ergani

Depending if the employees are assigned ERGANI level records, the records will be sent to the ERGANI database, and all employee records can be subsequently exported.


Before adding employees to the Ergani Level, we will assigneach one a unique Employee VAT Number. Employees will be able to use the APP as punching method as well.


The Company Data established within the system configuration menu will be reflected on every employee’s sheet. Data is unique for all the company’s members.

Why choose ZKBio Time ERGANI? Features 

  • ERGANI’S QR CODE MANAGEMENT: Our ZKBio Time ERGANI Solution can read and manage ERGANI QR codes thanks to ZKTeco identification devices, which can verify fingerprint, palm, face or QR codes.

  • SOLUTIONS TO SUIT EVERY BUDGET: At ZKTeco we have three compatible devices that allow us to adjust the solution to the needs of each project. From the most advanced and flexible devices such as ZPad Plus to simple time and attendance systems such as IN-05A.

  • COMPLY WITH THE LAW AND MOREZKBioTime ERGANI makes it easier for companies to meet the requirements of the time control law established in Greece in 2022.

  • AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH AND GREEK! Both ZKBio Time ERGANI and its compatible devices allow you to select the management language, two of the options being English and Greek (available December 2022).

ZKBio Time ERGANI Devices Digital Attendance Management

ZKTeco Europe ZKBio Time Ergani


  • ZKBio Time ERGANI QR Code Scanner
  • Customizable Android Data Collection Terminal 
  • 7” Multi-Touch LCD Screen with a virtual keyboard
  • Equipped With Backup Battery
  • POE

  • 4G Connectivity option

  • Supports dual RFID Cards (EM and 13,56MHz)

ZKTeco Europe ZKBio Time Ergani


  • ZKBio Time ERGANI QR Code Scanner
  • Multibiometric identification device
  • Face, palm, password and QR Code
  • Easy to integrate into turnstiles and barriers 
  • Slim and elegant design
  • RFID authentication EM or 13,56MHz
ZKTeco Europe ZKBio Time Ergani
  • ZKBio Time ERGANI QR Code Scanner
  • Cost Effective TIime and Attendance device
  • Equipped With Backup Battery
  • Authentication via RFID EM Card available

Application Scenarios Comprehensive Solutions for Greek Businesses 

The comprehensive solutions offered by ZKTeco provide interconnectivity with the ERGANI information system, ensuring the integration of Digital Work Cards with any business across the industry:

 ZKTeco Europe ZKBio Time Ergani

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