Armatura Mobile Credential Solution: The Future is here

Armatura Mobile Credential Solution: The Future is here

Imagine a world where access to building entrances is 60% faster, streamlining employee movements and visitor experiences. This is the reality of the Armatura Mobile Credential Solution, transforming your smartphone into a secure and versatile key.

Your smartphone, your secure key

The Armatura solution transforms your smartphone into a secure and versatile credential. Gone are the days of worrying about lost or forgotten cards. With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and the Armatura ID app, you can:

  • Enjoy enhanced convenience: Simply tap your phone on the reader and access doors with ease. No more fumbling for cards or remembering PINs.
  • Boost security: Your smartphone offers superior security compared to conventional cards. PINs, biometrics like fingerprint or face recognition, and encryption layers protect your access credentials.
  • Go green: Eliminate the need for physical cards, reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Multiple modes for diverse scenarios:

Armatura caters to various needs with different access modes:

  • Card Mode: In card mode, simply present your smartphone to the reader to gain access.
  • Remote Mode: Unlock doors remotely from your phone with the Armatura ID mobile app, ideal for long-distance access control.
  • QR Code Mode: Generate and scan QR codes for temporary access with the Armatura ID mobile app, perfect for visitors or deliveries.
Armatura Mobile Credential Solution The Future is here

Compatibility and Integrations:

The Armatura solution seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure:

  • Works with Android and iOS devices: Use your preferred smartphone model.
  • Compatible with Armatura readers  EP10C and EP20 Series: Explore a range of reader options for indoor and outdoor environments.
  •  Integrates with ACSC-1000 and ACDU Series: Leverage your existing IP-based security cores for a unified experience.

Applications and Benefits

Armatura solutions are designed for various scenarios:

  • Hospitals and healthcare: Reduce touchpoints and ensure hygiene compliance.
  • Schools and universities: Streamline student access and manage building security.
  • Factories and offices: Enhance employee convenience and improve access control efficiency.
  • Malls and public transportation: Offer contactless access and manage large crowds effectively.
  • Banks and enterprises: Protect sensitive areas with advanced security measures.

The Armatura Mobile Credential Solution empowers you to enjoy the convenience and security of using your smartphone as your key. Contact us today and unlock a world of possibilities!

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