How to install your ZKTeco LPR camera in the most efficient way

How to install your ZKTeco LPR camera in the most efficient way

At ZKTeco we've developed a high-performance LPR camera with an embedded License Plate Recognition application. A correct installation will offer the best performance to our system. Follow the tips we show you in this guide for the best results and efficiency.

There are 4 key factors for a correct installation of your LPR camera system:


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LPR Camera distance

The distance between the camera and the subject is important for two reasons:

LPR ZKTeco distance 30 pixels height ZKTeco LPR camera

Dimension of the characters
The dimension of the characters of the number plate must be 30 pixels high or higher

IR Lights
The illumination power of the IR lights is affected by the distance; the near the better.

Place the camera as near as possible (between the recommendation)

LPR Camera angle

The recognition of the plate is affected by both vertical and horizontal angle. Lane straight as possible: Curve installation will reduce the aqccuracy of the camera.

Vertical Horizontal
LPR ZKTeco vertical angle LPR ZKTeco horizontal angle


The angle of inclination of the vehicle's number plate must not exceed 5°. Position the camera with the smallest possible tilt angle.

LPR ZKTeco plate position up to 5 degrees LPR ZKTeco plate position up to 5 degrees


For optimum performance, the speed of the vehicle should not exceed 20km/h. Control traffic flow so that vehicle speed is as low as possible.

LPR ZKTeco vehicle speed

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