A Biometrics Case Study: ZKTeco Contactless technology with Body Temperature Measurement

Biometrics Case Study: ZKTeco Contactless technology with Body Temperature Measurement

In this case study, we analyze the requirements for contactless biometrics access control solutions used to support a modern TV Station in Slovakia. We outline the project requirements based on the emerging need for body temperature measurement technology with palm, facial recognition and mask detection and present an example of managing high-traffic access control by incorporating different ZKTeco Europe’s solutions.

The challenge: Contactless Biometrics with Body Temperature Measurement

The objective of this project was to provide advanced access control and security solutions to a local TV station in Slovakia. The buildings premises are accessed daily by approximately 1,000 employees and an estimated number of 2,000 visitors per day. The company required an access control system for identity verification purposes of employees, visitors and authorised personnel on the premises of the TV station.

Manual temperature measurements were proving inefficient so we required automated solutions.

— Vladimir Galajda - BIOMETRIC s.r.o.

The client also required additional automated body temperature screening for access control of people entering the area, as manual temperature measurement was proving inefficient.

The projectCase Study touchless biometrics access control with body temperature measurement Biometric Slovakia TV Joj ZKTeco

To enhance access control security on the premises of the TV station, our partner integrated different systems to improve the protection of both TV employees and visitors.

Employees | Employees are pre-registered with their personal information and RFID cards for access control security.

Visitors| All visitors are required to perform registration before entering the building's premises. To obtain precise access control data and registry information, OCR (optical character recognition) registration of visitors has also been enabled and deployed. All visitors’ ID documents are recorded to keep a record of their visit. With a connection to our partner's software, all visitors’ information can be efficiently saved and centrally managed. ZKTeco provides complete security solutions, offering full support and seamless integrations with 3rd party software to enable flexible and customized management solutions for every project.

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The system elements

To achieve the objectives, ZKTeco's C3 Pro and inBio Pro access control panels have been installed with 60 units of KR611D RFID readers, to prevent user's bodily contact when entering or exiting the building's premises.

2 units of touchless biometrics Proface X [TD] CH in combination with RFID readers KR611D were integrated into 3rd party turnstiles, from a previous installation, in the main entrance of the building. By enabling two-lanes for entrance control, each lane measures the user's body temperature when accessing the building, monitoring and detecting any abnormal temperature. The client decided not to measure the exit temperature.

ProFace X [TD] Touchless biometrics face palm recognition body temperature ZKTeco Access Control Panels ZKTeco biometric RFID KR611D RFID external reader access control ZKTeco

ProFace X [TD] CH

Face & Palm Verification terminal
with Body Temperature Detection

inBio Series & C3 Pro Series

Advanced Access Control Panels for
biometric and RFID readers


Waterproof RFID external reader

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Our partner

The company BIOMETRIC, spol. S r. O. was established in 2007. Since its establishment, it has been constantly growing. In addition to Slovakia, it also operates in other Central European countries. Their primary focus is on providing time attendance and access control systems, consultation as well as deployment security and camera systems.

BIOMETRIC, spol. S r. O. is an authorized partner in Slovakia and you can find their contact details on our web.

About TV Joj

TV JOJ is a commercial free-to-air television station in Slovakia, which belongs to the portfolio of the JOJ Group television group. JOJ Television began broadcasting on March 2, 2002, entering the world of media in 2000, originally as TV Global. 

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